Diva Benini - Belgium

Diva Benini

 Title: “Puzzled"

Medium: mixed media: print, assemblage of puzzle pieces

 Size: 90 x 68 cm

 Year: 2017

Diva Benini

 Title: “Lancin' Bubbles"

Medium: mixed media: acrylic in bubble wrap on canvas - each bubble was carefully injected with the appropriate color of acrylic paint by means of injection needles

 Size: 83 x 100 cm

 Year: 2012

Diva Benini

 Title: “Invasium"

Medium: object art: series of chinese massproduction vases with removed glazed chinese drawings, collected chinese logos from their own fake counterfeit products arranged into a chinese-like design, baked again in the oven

 Size: 53 x 25 cm

 Year: 2017

 Palm Award General Terms

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